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The cost of reducing starting RNA quantity for Illumina BeadArrays: A bead-level dilution experiment

Data Sets

To minimize the load on our servers during this period prior to publication, the data for each chip is zipped up separately. Each zip file contains the text files associatied with one of the six chips. (see supplemental file for details of layout).

After extracting the files from the tar archive, it will be found that the data are in the compressed format supported by the BioConductor package BeadDataPackR. Lossy compression has been used for the locations to minimize file sizes, as the values are not re-extracted in this analysis. Enough resolution has been retained (bead-centres identified to within a sixteenth of a pixel in each direction) to allow for most sensible uses of the location data. Note that the script below expects to see the decompressed files, however it is possible to analyse the compressed files directly with minor modifications.

These file are quite large (90MB each) and we have a limited amount of bandwidth, so please only download those arrays that you need.

Human-WG6 V3 Expression BeadChips


This script should produce all of the results given in the paper if adjusted for the local machine (i.e. paths etc.) .

targets files

The following four files give the targets for the four separate experiments contained on these six chips.


The annotations required for this analysis are found elsewhere on our website.